Contact Details:
Address: Shop 16/17 Lakeside Shopping Centre
78-94 The Entrance Rd, The Entrance
Phone: 02 4333 1222 Fax: 02 4332 9689
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday – Sunday: This service is available at our Toukley Clinic
213-217 Main Road, Toukley
10am to 2pm
(Closed on Public Holidays)
Our Doctors & Professionals:
Dr Vijay Varsani – Practice Principal
Dr Philip Crook – Practice Principal
Dr Thomas Bennett – Male GP
Mrs Kate Upton – Dietitian
Mr Steven Davis – Physiotherapist
Mr Darrin Hill – Podiatrist
Aaron, Tarnya & Kath
Practice Manager: Glenys Stabback
Receptionists:  Bette, Angela, Bec, Leanne, Rhyanna
In case of an emergency please call 000

Our Services:

  • Skin Cancer Checks
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Asthma Clinic
  • Minor Surgeries
  • Driver License Medicals
  • Pre employment Medicals
  • Travel Vaccines
  • Lung Function Test
  • Work cover Injuries
  • Diabetic Clinic
  • Ear Micro-suctioning
  • Cosmetic Procedures
  • Family Medicine
  • Children’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Immunisations
  • Antenatal Care

Please ring 02 4333 1222 (& Dial 1) to arrange an appointment. Alternatively we do accept walk in patients and on the day emergences. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and GP. Emergencies will always be given priority and our reception staff will attempt to contact you if there is any unforeseen delay or your GP has been called away. Longer consultation times are available, so please ask our receptionists if you require some extra time.

Interpreter Services
If you or a family member, require an interpreter we can organise this for you. Please let us know if you require either of these services for your consult when making your appointment.

Bulk Billing Conditions
All patients who are covered under a current Medicare card or Department of Veterans Affairs card will be Bulk-Billed with applicable services between 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

Weekend Billing Policy
If you visit our Entrance clinic on the weekend and you don’t comply with our Bulk-Billing policies a fee is payable at the time of your consultation. Weekend bulk billing is available to patients who are under the age of 16 years or if you are covered by a Centrelink Commonwealth Seniors, Pension or Health Care Card holders or Department of Veterans Affairs.
Currently the Entrance practice is closed on weekends, however this service is available at our Toukley Clinic, 213-217 Main Road, Toukley.

Our Toukley Clinic bulk bills on weekends.


Standard Consult (under 20 mins)         $80.00 – $49.00 rebate after 1pm Sat & all day Sun
Prolonged Consult (over 20 mins)         $120.00 – $83.95 rebate after 1pm Sat & all day Sun
WorkCover (initial appointment)         $124.50
WorkCover (after initial)         $78.00
Driver/Pre-Employment Medicals         $165.00


Home Visits & After hours
If you require medical attention outside of our normal business hours we advise patients to call 13SICK (137425) or to attend the Emergency Department of Gosford or Wyong Hospital.  In the case of an emergency, ring 000.

Travel can be great fun, but can also result in serious illness. Depending on where you are going you may need vaccinations to prevent having your holiday ruined by illness. Please make an appointment at least 6 weeks prior to your departure if possible, as this will allow sufficient time for your body to respond well to any vaccinations that may be needed.

Unfortunately we do not currently have a dedicated pathologist collection centre in our practice. The closest collection centre is Douglass Hanly Moir located at 227-229 The Entrance Rd, The Entrance NSW 2261 (across the road)

Upon presenting for tests, the patient is required to have a follow up appointment with their GP to discuss the results. If any results are abnormal and/or require urgent attention the practice will contact you. To facilitate this, please ensure reception have your current phone number and address details.

Phone Calls to Your Doctor
We request that patients refrain from making phone calls to their treating doctor as it is preferred that you come in for a consultation so that any matter can be dealt with in person. If you need to speak with someone clinical our reception staff are fully trained in triage and a message can be left were a doctor or nurse will get back to you as soon as possible.

Reminder System
We are committed to patient care and from time to time we may send out reminder notices via post asking you to make an appointment in relation to preventative healthcare. It is therefore important that your contact details (address and phone number), are updated regularly. Please notify our reception staff should you change any of your personal information. If you do not wish to receive reminder letters please notify reception staff so that we can take you off the recall list.

It is important that all patients are reviewed prior to issuing scripts to reassess your progress and review if it is appropriate for you to continue on that medication and that dose. Therefore if you are on your last repeat please ring and make an appointment so you don’t run out of it. Scripts will not be written without review, except in exceptional circumstances. If you think you will run out of your medication prior to your next appointment please leave a message for your doctor with reception and an interim script may be possible to help cover your requirements until your next appointment.

Zero Tolerance Policy & Our Rights
Coastal Health Medical Centre is committed to developing and maintaining a safe and a secure environment for its patients, staff and visitors. We have a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to protect and support our staff from violent and/or abusive behaviour, includes bullying and/or harassment of any description. Violent or abusive behaviour by patients, their families, visitors or staff will not be tolerated and decisive action will be taken to protect staff, patients and visitors. All violent adverse incidents are reported, investigated and appropriate remedial action is taken. When a clinical risk/incident is reported, a risk assessment may be appropriate to identify the need for change. On-going follow up and review of progress may also be appropriate.

Medical Records and Privacy
Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and ensure this information is only available to authorised members of staff. Coastal Health Medical Centre complies with the Privacy Act 1988 including the way we collect, store, use and disclose health information. For more information, please ask for a copy of our Privacy Policy Statement at reception.

Access and Transfer of Medical Records
Patients at this practice have the right to access their personal health information (medical record) under legislation. Commonwealth Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (HRIPA). The HRIPA gives individuals a right of access to their personal health information held by any organisation in the private sector in New South Wales under Division 3 – Access to health information. This division obliges health service providers and other organisations that hold health information about a person to give them access to their health information on request, subject to certain exceptions and the payment of fees (if any).

Please refer to Policy 6.3 – Request for Access to Personal Health Information from our Policies & Procedures Manual for a full procedure with regards to accessing your Personal Health Information.

Transfer of medical records from this Practice can occur in the following instances:

  • for medico-legal reasons e.g. record is subpoenaed to court.
  • when a patient asks for their medical record to be transferred to another Practice, due to moving residence or for other reasons.
  • where an individual medical record report is requested from another source.
  • where the Doctor is retiring and the practice is closing.

For a complete review of our procedure please refer to Policy 6.4.8 – Transfer of medical records from our Policies & Procedures Manual.

Should you require access to your medical information held by this centre please discuss this with your Doctor or one of our receptionists in the first instance.

Complaints & Your Rights
If you have a problem with any aspect of the service you receive at our medical centre we are keen to hear about it. We take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously. Please speak to one of our receptionist or your doctor to discuss your concerns. If you prefer to write to us please do so addressing your complaint to the practice manager or use our suggestion box located in reception. We believe that problems are best dealt within the Medical Centre. However, if you feel the need to discuss a matter outside of the Medical Centre, you may contact the Health Care Complaints Commission.

Health Care Complaints Commission
Locked Mail Bag
Phone: (02) 9219 7444 Fax: (02) 9219 7555
Toll-Free line: 1800 043 159